Welcome to our website. I appreciate you taking the time to learn about our firm and the services that we offer. Based in Tehran, AtiNegar Sepehr Iranian (ANSI) Investment & Advisory Firm was setup in 2008 with a clear mission: to become a leading Iranian business consultancy for domestic and international companies alike. Despite the economic challenges posed by the international sanctions over the past decade, ANSI has continued to expand its operations by capitalizing on our strong domestic relationships and local market expertise, and further developing our core competencies in the field of company/project valuations, industry sector research, feasibility studies, financial structuring solutions and other areas.

ANSI Investment & Advisory Firm is a fully owned subsidiary of Kharazmi Investment Company (“Kharazmi Group”), which is itself one of the largest investment holdings in Iran. As such, we are able to draw on the deep local knowledge and networks of the Kharazmi Group to identify and source profitable investments opportunities in high-potential sectors for our international and domestic clients alike. We have a strong track record of growing our clients’ portfolios by providing expert analytical and strategic advice, enabling them to make informed decisions within the Iranian marketplace and thereby placing them one step ahead of the competition.

Despite the removal of international sanctions, our perception is that foreign investors are still somewhat hesitant to enter the Iranian market; a country with immense potential both in terms of a young and well-educated workforce, a rapidly increasing consumer base and vast natural resources. For those investors who have the courage to become the first entrants, this presents a tremendous window of opportunity. At the same time it requires professional expertise combined with local knowledge and connections. This is why I believe we, at ANSI are the natural partner for international companies looking to enter or expand their operations within the Iranian marketplace.


Alireza Kanaani