Kharazmi Investment

Kharazmi Investment Company

Kharazmi Investment Company (“Kharazmi”) is one of the largest listed investment companies on the Tehran Stock Exchange in terms of asset value and market capitalization. It trades under the ticker “IKHR1”. After a recent restructuring process, Kharazmi turned into a holding company and at present, the company has more than 40,000 institutional and individual shareholders. The company’s high free float of shares (47%) has secured it a top rank in the stock exchange in terms of liquidity index and the ease of transaction. Kharazmi has holdings in a wide range of industry sectors, including:


Kharazmi has a strategic view on the energy sector. The company owns Sepeher Energy and Electricity Company which owns Montazere Qaem 1600 MW thermal power plant. This power plant supplies 25% of the required electricity of the greater Tehran province, the most populated province in Iran. In its portfolio, Kharazmi also has a significant holding of Nirou Parseh Company, a manufacturer and supplier of small scale power plants.














Kharazmi  owns 7% share in Pasargad Bank, one of the most renowned and trusted banks in Iran. 


















Kharazmi is among the founding partners of Sarmad Insurance Company and holds 20% share and a seat on the board of directors therein. Through from its affiliation to important financial institutions such as Kharazmi Investment Company and commercial banks, Sarmad is expected to have a promising growth potential within the Iranian insurance market over the coming years.















Kharazmi holds a 20% share in Sepehr Pars Leasing Company, active in the auto, aircraft, ship, medical equipment and home appliance leasing markets. The company’s main activity presently lays within the vehicle leasing industry.

















The investment activities of the Kharazmi group within the mining sector are made through its subsidiary, Sadre Jahan Mining Development Holding (“Sadre Jahan”). This holding was established in 2015 to benefit from the unexploited opportunities in gold, other precious metals and steel ferroalloy sectors in Iran. Despite its recent formation, thorough planning from the outset, in combination with an experienced management team, has managed to place Sadre Jahan on track become one of the largest gold mining companies in the country.

Sadre Jahan is also currently active in the ferroalloy sector. Final stage negotiations are underway for it to become the largest ferroalloy manufacturer in the region.

The Kharazmi group also indirectly holds a stake in MIDCO which is the largest metal and mining holding company in the country.









The competitive advantage of Iran in oil and gas sector has created many attractive opportunities for investors. Kharazmi Petrochemical and Oil Holding was established in 2014 to benefit from the opportunities in this sector. The company is currently in the process of analyzing the market to identify market opportunities and shortlist profitable projects for the company to become involved in.














Financial services and investment:

Kharazmi’s subsidiaries in this sector are providing a diversity of financial services, as noted below:

- AtiNegar Sepehr Iranian (“ANSI”) Investment & Advisory Firm: A fully owned subsidiary of Kharazmi, ANSI manages the proprietary short term portfolio of the group, as well as providing a variety of business consultancy services to companies within and outside the group ranging from financial advisory, management consultancy, strategic planning. ANSI has expanded its business consulting operations into the international sphere through its strategic partners in Europe and Asia, thus establishing an International Business Consulting Group to assist foreign companies looking to enter the Iranian market place.

Sepehr Investment Bank: Kharazmi has 15% share and one seat in the board of directors in this investment bank. By introducing new innovative fixed income products, this renowned investment bank has had an effective role in the development of the bond market in the recent year.

Kharazmi Ayande Negar Brokerage Company: Owned 60% by the Kharazmi group, this is one of the prominent brokerage houses in the Tehran Stock Exchange, Commodity Exchange and Energy Exchange.





One of the most valuable assets of Kharazmi is Sina Pharmaceutical Company (“Sina”), in which Kharazmi has a 50% ownership stake.  This company is the first manufacturer and exclusive producer of artificial tears and other medical products in Iran. Sina is currently one of the best performing pharmaceutical companies in Iran in terms of turnover and profit margin.














Real Estate

 Kharazmi Buidling Developemt: As a fully owned subsidiary of Kharazmi, this real estate development company has operations across residential and commercial sectors in Tehran and surrounding areas.  The total value of company’s assets are in excess of $86 million.














Kharazmi owns the Kharazmi Commercial Development Company and two companies registered in UAE and Malaysia. The sanctions imposed on Iranian trade in the past years reduced the activities of the group, but with the removal of these sanctions and the internationalist agenda of the elected Iranian government the growth potential for this company is expected to be high in the coming years.










Information Technology

As one of the leading growth industries in the world, investing in Information Technology companies has always been high on the Kharazmi group’s agenda. Kharazmi has severeal companies within its portfolio within this sector, including:

- Kharazmi Information Processing Company:  This is a listed company in Tehran Stock Exchange with 80% current ownership by the Kharazmi. The company is the leading provider of hardware equipment and infrastructure to the domestic banking sector, with a large share in the Iranian ATM market.

- Kish Iran Credit Card Company: Kish Iran Credit Card Company, a listed company on the Tehran Stock Exchange, is one of the main providers of PSP services in Iran. Kharazmi has a 20% share in the company, and one seat on the board of directors.

- Kharazmi Data Processing Company: Providing software development and support services to the banking industry. This company is fully owned by Kharazmi.







Other Industries

In addition to the above mentioned sectors, Kharazmi Investment Group is constantly looking to expand its activities by means of strategic investments into new companies and industries with high growth potential. The company plans to expand its holdings into the sea –and rail transportation, and tourism industries.